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Thymly Products, Inc. has been providing quality ingredients since 1967. Let us help you bake your best. With our customer specific ingredients and onsite technical support, your success is just a click away.


We provide custom ingredients formulated to meet our customer's specifications, typically at no extra cost. We design our ingredient systems and conditioners to contain safe guards for tolerance, while also maintaining uniformity. This should allow for tighter control on inventory, while also increasing quality through-put. We also offer color plating, flavors and encapsulation to continue to meet all our customer needs.

Thymly Products, Inc. prides itself on manufacturing dry, functional food ingredients that have been approved Kosher by the Union of orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Our manufacturing process is approved through a third party audit in accordance with the GSFI standard. At Thymly we have numerous safeguards in place to ensure all our manufactured ingredients are safe and of the highest quality.

Our R&D department's capability to perform bake tests and product comparisons, saves you time and money.  We will send you photographs of the results or mail the finished products to your location for your evaluation. We are always striving to develop the best ingredients for our customers.

If your operation is in need of technical assistance, Thymly Products, Inc. will gladly provide help. We work with your team from start to finish as a courtesy to our customers, to ensure our products work in a production environment. Our technicians can assist on site or over the phone for your convenience. We will continue to improve formulas, redial ovens and assist with the entire baking process to deliver the best possible products, so our customers are completely satisfied.  We believe in our commitment to our customers.

If you have any questions or comments, please let the Thymly Sales Team know. Feel free to call us at (410) 658-4820 or you can always contact us.

Our sales team will listen to all of your needs, ideas and problems before suggesting any ingredient. We want to offer the best possible ingredients or custom ingredients that match or surpass the quality of your current products. We are ready to assist in saving you time and money with quality, functional ingredients that exceed your expectations.

Thymly Goes Green

Maryland Green Registry

Thymly Products is pleased to announce that the State of Maryland has just added us to the Maryland Green Registry for our hard work in reducing our carbon footprint. We believe that, when possible, companies need to do all they can to leave this earth in a better place.

Bread Glaze

We believe in delivering the best ingredients for all your baking needs.  Our Bread Glaze is a blend of natural ingredients that when added to water and applied to hot baked products will give a high shine.  Let us help you make your products look and taste delicious.

Ready on Thym

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch ingredients and our Ready on Thym is no exception.  It helps relax the dough while also shortening the mix and pert times.


clean label

Issues with bread collapsing after packaging can be a major downfall for bakeries; our Perfection can help give better resiliency to all your baked goods. It also helps replace vital wheat and SSL (sodium stearoyl lactylate) and is clean label as well.

Seed Blend

Grain Blends

Our custom blend of seeds and grains, is a wonderful addition to your breads and rolls, that will take them to a new level.  Whether you choose to mix it into the dough or just use it as a topper, it looks and tastes amazing!

Thymly Fresh 3000

Our Thymly Fresh 3000 is a custom blend of enzymes that offer anti-staling applications. It helps improve and maintain the softness and freshness of breads for longer periods of time.  It is non-GMO and works for both regular shelf-baked and refrigerated products.

Baking Goes Bold

Bakery Flavors

From chardonnay cookies to chipotle mango scones, today's consumers' increasingly curious and sophisticated taste buds have bakers exploring the addition of all types of flavorful ingredients, from sweet and tropical to ethnic and fiery.

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