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Faster Better Baking

March 2013 - "Faster and better - we seem to strive for these qualities in all walks of life.  Enzymes work behind the scenes to do this for bakers."

"These natural proteins, in the form of a complex, precise arrangement of amino acids, promote highly specific biochemical actions...By helping bakers advance production through enhanced dough handling and tighter process control, enzymes address cost-effective flour correction, replace emulsifiers and optimize egg usage.  They aid finished product quality through increased baked volume, finer crumb structure, extended shelf life and acrylamide reduction.  Simply put, enzymes help bakers get the best from their raw materials.  This translates to improved economics and a more satisfied customer."

Author: Donna Berry  |  Source: Baking and Snack

The Enzyme Equation

February 13, 2013 - "Lower ingredient costs, clean labels and the ability to improve the look, taste and texture of baked goods and snack foods are just some of the reasons why bakers and snack producers are adding enzymes to their ingredient arsenal."

"Consumer demand for affordable, better-for-you foods with cleaner labels is prompting bakers and snack producers to re-examine product formulations and ingredients. In turn, ingredient manufacturers are developing or reformulating their products to enable bakers and snack producers to create in-demand baked goods and snacks, as well as address some of their other concerns."

Author: Romy Schafer  |  Source: Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

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