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Bromate Replacer

Many countries have banned Potassium Bromate in their food products, due to it's link to cancer.  This ingredient, however, is still used in the United States, and is found in many baked goods and snack foods.

Chocolate Cake Improver

Want a more rich and luscious chocolate cake? Our Chocolate Cake Improver will transform any standard chocolate cake into a decadent dessert, without adding more cocoa powder. Contact one of our sales reps for more information or a sample. Life's better with Chocolate Cake!

U.S. farm economy flowing in reverse as drought impacts persist

The long reach of last summer's devastating U.S. drought has reversed the flow of the mighty Mississippi River - for corn, at least, with grain-laden barges beginning the rare movement north to Midwest ethanol plants from southern farms.

The shipments come as the U.S. faces a 17-year low in corn supplies by the end of the month due to the historic drought, which slashed harvests and sent grain prices to record highs a year ago.

The tight supply is upending the country's tradition-bound agricultural economy, which is holding its breath in the weeks before an expected record harvest begins some time next month following a wet spring and summer.

Author: Tom Polansek     |     Source: REUTERS

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